Introducing the Bacchus Estate Winemaking Program which has been designed to take the art of winemaking to a whole new level. Enjoy a hands-on experience like no other! You will produce exquisite, specially selected wines using top level techniques and materials. With 2 to 3 appointed winemaking events per year, members will participate in the winemaking process, foster friendships, and best of all have fun. Members join the Estate program by reserving a minimum quantity of wine per year of these ultra-premium wines selected by our Master Winemaker's. You will attend private, exclusive, members only winemaking events followed by 1 Big Bottling Event with food and entertainment every year!

Membership Details:

$90 per person/ per year
The following is included in your membership
-Members only exclusive events with gourmet foods / meals & Entertainment
-Participate in key winemaking events and Estate barrel tastings
-Use of Special VIP area with the facility for Estate Barrels
-Ability to select a minimum share of high-end wine options from the best grapes around the world, including Napa Valley, Sonoma, Suisun Valley, South America and More!
*(Wines are Available for an additional cost. Currently a 1 case minimum per year for 2022)*
-Occasional offers on other select Estate Wines
-Our Master Winemakers will guide and direct all members in creating the most optimal quality wines that they deserve
-All Bacchus Estate Wines will include Bacchus Estate Wine Labels, High-End Bottles, Corks, Caps, etc..
-Membership includes your NJ Division of ABC winemaking permit

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