Introducing the hands-on experience in the new Bacchus Estate Wine-Making Program.
With 2 to 3 appointed winemaking events per year, members will participate in the winemaking process, foster friendships, and best of all have fun.

Bacchus Winemaking Club


You don't have to travel to Italy or take enology classes at U.C. Davis or Fresno to create your own wines. Thanks to Bacchus Winemaking Club, you now have the unique opportunity to create your own world-class wines. A hands-on winemaking experience for the wine enthusiast.

Bacchus Winemaking Club offers the unique experience of creating your own wine. The courses are broken into four 1-hour sessions. From start to finish, you will join with friends and family to participate in these hands-on winemaking sessions. Winemaking starts in September once the grapes are harvested from our prestigious California wine regions. We walk you through every step of the wine making process from crushing the grapes, pressing the grapes, bottling the wine and even making your own custom wine labels!

Are you interested in making your own World Class Wine and starting or continuing a family tradition? (732) 505-6930