Custom Wine Labels from GloriaJDesigns

Custom Wine Labels from GloriaJDesigns

Beautiful custom labels are the final touch, and with a wide selection to choose from, you’ll find the perfect label for your very own wine.

Visit to browse through the label designs, including special occasion labels. Each group member can select their own label, customize it and order the quantity they need.

Corporate and custom labels designed by Gloria J. Designs are also available for an hourly additional cost of $50 / hour with a minimum of 1 hour. This is a one-time design fee. To order custom labels email your artwork in an EPS file to

Please also attach all fonts used to create your label. All custom labels must be ordered at least 1 month in advance to guarantee completion on bottling date. For further information and assistance with custom designed labels please contact Gloria J. Designs, telephone 650-593-9463.

All Bacchus Winemakers will be able to order and customize their labels at a reduced cost. For your special promotional code please

Call our office at 732-505-6930.